Frugal Family Fun – Let’s Go Outside!

For this week’s frugal family fun post I have some FREE ideas that are sure to be FUN for everyone, and they get us outside enjoying this lovely weather.  We had lots of rain yesterday, but today the sun is trying to come out!

Blow Bubbles – Did you know it’s VERY easy to make your own bubble soap?  My mom will make this for all the kids when we go camping since we go through a BUNCH.  Just mix one part liquid dish detergent with 15 parts water – one quick way to do this is to just mix 1/4 cup detergent with 3 3/4 cups of water. If you don’t have leftover bubble wands lying around the house you can take a wire coat hanger, bend and twist it into a small loop or two, and you are all set to have some fun!  I know my kids love to chase bubbles 🙂  Do it in the front yard and I bet you’ll have neighborhood kids stopping by in no time too!

Go For A Bike Ride – Head outside and bike away. We sometimes play “I Spy” while we are biking, it keeps the kids entertained and we learn to appreciate our surroundings alittle more too 🙂 If you don’t have nice sidewalks in your subdivision, almost every town and every state park around here has bike trails, so you can almost always find somewhere FUN to ride.  Plus, it’s great exercise for the family!

Explore Your Town –  Look at your community’s website (as well as those of cities and towns nearby) to find a list of events going on in the area, many of which are free. You might be surprised at the amount of FUN and free activities that are going on in your area.

Head to the Library –  Of course you can go the library to get books – but that’s not all it has to offer!  Many libraries also have “story time” for the kids (we used to go all the time!), film nights, book clubs, and many other FUN events that you may not know of – and they are FREE. So, next time you drive by your local library stop in and see what FUN things are happening.

Now, remember one of the biggest expenses that are incurred while we are “out and about” are eating expenses.  So, if you are going to eat out – try to plan on eating out for lunch.  Lunch menus are always cheaper than dinner menus.

Check out before you leave the house – this is an easy way to save a bundle!  You can use code DINE to get $25 gift certs for just $4 right now.

Pack snacks – you and the kids!  I always have a Fiber One or Kashi Bar in my truckfor me and a few goodies in my purse for the kiddos.

Most importantly…HAVE FUN!

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