Frugal Family Fun – Visit Your Farmers Market


Who doesn’t love FRESH fruits and veggies?!  Now is the time of the year that our Farmer’s Markets are in full swing!  Crops are plentiful, crafts are FUN, and there is usually FREE entertainment.  If you are looking for a FUN and FREE family outing and a way to support your local farmers – the Farmer’s Market is the way to do it 🙂  The prices are great and my kids actually have alot of FUN walking around seeing what is available.  I also let them grab a goody while we are there too!

I have been about 10 farmer’s Markets in the last three weeks – I went to the ones in the surrounding cities while we were on vacation and then I went to my mom’s local ones when we got to her house.  AND, I am planning on hitting the Ybor City one as well.  Each market is different and unique to the location.

Farmer’s Markets aren’t just amazingly fresh fruit and veggies – you can usually find fresh flowers, FUN jewelry, baked goods and sometimes even clothes!

Want to find one in your area?  Ask a friend!  I bet they have been to one 🙂  You can also look online at your local Chamber of Commerce or your

Farmer’s Markets help us stay frugal, help our local community, AND they provide FUN for the family!

Which is your favorite Farmer’s Market?  What do you usually grab when you go?  I would love it if you shared your markets and findings in the comments so that everyone can enjoy!

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