Sunday Coupon Inserts GIVEAWAY

So are you ready for your chance to win to WIN a SIX pack combo of this weekend’s coupons! Thanks to Katie at Sunday Coupon Inserts, one of my lucky readers will have a chance each and every weekend to win a SIX pack combo of the latest and greatest coupons! 

The Giveaway starts NOW and will end of Sunday night at 11:00 EST and they will be mailed to the winner on Monday (so make sure you watch your e-mail Monday morning so you can get your coupons ASAP!)

Here’s how to enter:

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  1. I would love to win because we have had the worst luck lately with money. our AC had to get fixed and then our car had to get fixed so we really need to save money right now

  2. I would love to win because I don’t like to buy anything without a coupon and these inserts would be great
    mneuhouser at gmail dot com

  3. I want to win because I am fairly new to couponing and I am already addicted. With money being so tight, couponing helps me get a lot more for my money than i was getting previously. I don’t have to go for a cheaper/generic brand on items. I can get the “better” brand for cheaper then the store brands! Its amazing. I’m saving more money so I can go out with my fiance and buy toys for my 1 year old son 🙂 (& also to pay my bills)

  4. Saving with coupons is like putting extra cash in my wallet – thanks for the chance to save even more!

  5. I want to win because I just started couponing (2 weeks ago) and I really want to save up my coupons for good sales 🙂

  6. I would love to win because I need to stock up on coupons– been  to sick to get out to buy the paper in the last two weeks

  7. I want to win because I didn’t have the extra $3.00 for a Sunday paper and we really need the coupon help being on a budget. And I share with friends and family

  8. I would love to win this.  My budget is screaming this time of the month and I could use the extra help.  Thanks

  9. I always shop w/ coupons- need to save some money due to med bill and these inserts would really help…thanks

  10. I would love to win because I was not feling well today and missed getting this Sunday’s paper so winning would help me have this week.

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