Swagbucks: Higher Values Today

Swagbucks: Higher Values Today

So, every Friday you see my post about MEGA Swagbucks DAY (your chances of winning the big “bucks” increases greatly today) …All it is is a search engine, you type in what you are looking for in the search…For example: “Having Fun Saving” and there I am!

You earn points for searching, you don’t get them every time, but you almost always get them every day. I have been letting my points add up – so I just turned my points in for an Amazon gift card – it helped with Christmas!

Go HERE to get started with Swagbucks !

p.s. Did you know that I have a whole list of great places to earn some FUN money? Visit my favorite Fun and Free Perks Tab


  1. Thank you for notifying us!
    I’ve been trying all friday to get something, but only got 7 points in the end.
    It’s so slow, on Gifthulk it was faster then this =

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