What Sunny Day Are You Planning For? #mysunnyday

Save for a sunny day with Suntrust Bank

What Sunny Day Are You Planning For? #mysunnyday

Are you saving for a “rainy” day? Do you have a “rainy day” fund? Are you planning to start one? We have one started, rainy days are usually something I enjoy. In fact, I was at the beach this past week with my kids and we had a rainy afternoon and it was the perfect time for us to sit in and relax with each other.

But, when I sit down with my husband to discuss our “Rainy Day Fund” it’s usually a depressing conversation 🙁 We are planning for a day when something bad happens. Maybe one of us gets hurt, or the economy changes, maybe someone loses their job, maybe we need to care for a loved one that got hurt. I understand that you need to plan for things like that, but what about planning for days that are SUNNY?

Like I mentioned, I just sent a few days at the beach. The kids had Spring Break and my husband couldn’t get any time off of work, so two of my best friends and their kids jumped in our RV with us and we had a SUNNY, fabulous Spring Break at the beach.

Save for a sunny day

It was last minute, it was FUN, and it was exactly what we needed! Our mini-vacation would not have been possible if we all hadn’t planned for a SUNNY day. I really like the idea of living for a SUNNY day 🙂

What is a Sunny Day? It’s the feeling of optimism, confidence, and control around your money. It’s a moment in life when a goal or aspiration becomes a reality. It’s the moment where you realize it’s okay to take 3 days with your kids and friends and have some fun in the sun!

No matter how you envision your sunny day – beach or no beach – SunTrust wants to support you. They want to inspire and motivate through advice, tips, and tools so you can live for a sunny day rather than save for a rainy one.

Check out the SunTrust Resource Center it provides actionable information, tools, tips and calculators to help you start planning for that sunny day!

Saving for a sunny day with Suntrust Bank

Yes, saving money can be challenging, especially when the goal may seem soooo far away or out of reach. Like that trip to Italy that my husband and I have been talking about for 10 years…or paying off our daughter’s college education. But, it actually becomes a little easier when you envision the goal as the moment you are living for rather than the amount of money you need to save.

Saving for a trip to Italy sounds like it may never happen, but living for the sunny day when we take a selfie in Florence is exciting. Saving for college sounds overwhelming but living for the sunny day when we see our daughter receive her diploma is inspiring. Now take a moment to put saving for a rainy day on hold and imagine living for a sunny day!

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What Sunny Day are you saving for?

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of SunTrust. The opinions and text are all mine.

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