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Hi, I’m Tracy!  Over the years I have worked with quite a few businesses to share their products, services, and ideas with my amazing readers. I have also provide social media promotion for many of my clients teaching them how important social media is. As a reader, I hope to bring you content that you will enjoy and share with your friends and family. As a client and brand partner, I hope to help you reach out to others through my unique writing and social media networks. I look forward to getting to know you!

A little more about me:

I am from Michigan and now live in Florida.  I love Disney, Universal Studios, all the fun theme parks we have here and the beaches, but also enjoy the “unsalted” life up north too.  One of my favorite way to experience Florida and Michigan is by camping – I LOVE camping!  It is a family tradition that started when I was just a few years old and I am loving passing down the fun family bonding to my kids.

I have been blogging since September 2010 and it has helped me in so many ways!  I started blogging because I wanted to share my passion for helping others.  My husband had suffered 4 pay cuts and we had lost our health insurance for myself and the kids, so saving money turned into a huge priority for me.  It was actually how I helped us survive.  I then shared savings tips with local moms groups, churches, friends, family, and of course my fabulous readers!

I love creating family-friendly and healthy recipes, checking out products, and sharing Tampa fun with my friends, family, and you….so that is what you will find here on Having Fun Saving & Cooking.  Savings for everything to do with your family – whether it saving you from figuring out what is for dinner tonight, saving you from deciding what to do this weekend, or saving you time.

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I have two incredible children who keep me busy when I’m not working that always make me smile.  My daughter loves everything pink, purple and princess.  She also loves to read.  My son is very creative – I love watching him draw and he writes the best stories!  He also loves to play soccer and baseball 😉

When I’m not blogging, you will find me running (three half-marathons down and planning my next!), Jazzercising, playing word games, drinking coffee, enjoying a nice glass of wine, cruising around in my JEEP, camping or spending time with my friends and family.

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Email me at tracy@havingfunsaving.com, if you are looking for more information on Advertising and PR here on Having Fun saving, visit my PR page.


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