McDonalds Monopoly Game 2013 + FREE Codes

mcdonalds monopoly game free codes

McDonalds Monopoly Game 2013 + FREE Codes

The McDonalds Monopoly Game is back.  If you are garbbing a quick bite to eat, you might as well try to win some prizes 🙂 There’s over 12 million prizes this year including FREE McDonald’s food, cash and a Fiat Car! Just enter the codes from your participating McDonald’s food entrees or from various free codes they offer. Here’s some FREE codes to enter right now….

Enter the McDonald’s Monopoly Game Sweepstakes

FREE McDonald’s Monopoly Game Codes:

Let me know if you win anything FUN!

Have fun playing the McDonalds Monopoly Game!


  1. Other codes you get from game pieces tell you that you aren’t a winner, but you’re entered into the Fiat car drawing, but these codes only get you an entry for the Fiat car (they don’t say “You didn’t win, but…”). Still, thanks for posting!

  2. I’ve won a shutterfly photo book, 2 free redbox rentals via online game, 2 med fries, and 2 mcflurrys so far on 45 game pieces.

  3. I won 2 mcflurry’s, 1 quarter pounder, 4 medium fries, 3 free redbox rentals, 120 myfreecokereward points, and 1 $10 EA Sports promo card

  4. I’ve won
    -3 quarter pounders
    -1 free mcflurry
    -4 free breakfast sandwiches
    -8 medium fries
    -2 free frappes

    Instant win
    -120 points of my cokes rewards (3 seperate prizes)
    -3 $10 promo codes for EA Sports games
    -3 redbox rentals
    -1 free 8×8 shutterfly book

    This is my first year playing.

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