What Do The Holidays Mean To You?

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What Do The Holidays Mean To You?

What Do The Holidays Mean To You?

Do you remember when you first saw holiday decorations in the stores this year? I do. I was at Target and it was before Halloween. I actually took a picture of the aisle because Halloween decorations were on one side and Santa was on the other. I don’t know if it’s just me, but having skulls and Santa and snowmen in the same aisle just felt wrong.

What Do The Holidays Mean To You?

Sometimes I feel as though we have lost the idea of what the holidays are really about. They aren’t supposed to be about spending a ton of money and giving gifts. The holidays are meant for spreading cheer and warmth, but that doesn’t have to be at the cost of going into debt.

Take a moment, what is one of your favorite holiday memories? Does it involve a huge gift that you got? Mine doesn’t. In fact, most of my holiday memories don’t involve a material gift at all.

What Do The Holidays Mean To You?

Some of my holiday memories are:

Getting all my aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins together to make the one hour drive to a Christmas tree farm as we all hunted for the perfect tree. Santa was always there and we would take pictures.

Christmas morning with my little brother! He would be sooooo excited (5 years younger than me) and he would come and wake me up at 3 and 4 in the morning because he couldn’t sleep. We would sit and chat in my bed until we were allowed to wake up my parents at 6 a.m.

The Christmas morning slow down….My parents would let us wake them up at 6 a.m., but then my dad would have to go make coffee, and my mom would have to get the Christmas music before we were allowed downstairs. I do that with my kids today. It’s like a little tease to the kids, but it gives us parents a moment to breathe in the moment.

8 years ago when I gifted my son a tiny little shirt that said “I’m Going To Be A Big Brother.” I remember the tears in my husband’s eyes – it was a surprise for him too!

Just this past week, when we saw Santa at Lowe’s!  He was shopping and he let us take a picture.  I was actually crying, it was so unbelievable, I just melted.

What Do The Holidays Mean To You?

If you ask my kids about what presents they got on Christmas last year, they may both be able to remember one or two, but if you ask them what day we deliver cookies to the neighbors for the holidays, they will quickly answer Christmas Eve.

The most meaningful “things” are actually the memories we create. We can’t get time back, and it’s the time we spend together with our family and friends is what the holidays really mean. It’s the memories that are made, the smile that are shared, the special moments that are created.

So, I challenge you this holiday season to try to not get caught up in the crazy hustle and bustle, try not to be one of the many American that start the new year off in debt due to holiday shopping, but to discover what the holidays really mean to you.

#holidaymeans Saving

Not just saving on that cool new toy, but slowing down and saving those moments

#holidaymeans Family

Be with them as much as possible and remember these moments

#holidaymeans Memories

Remember the times of the past, and be ready to make new memories. For you and for your kids.

#holidaymeans Caring

Be kind and help others in need

What do the holidays mean to you?

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Happy Holidays!

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  1. Christmas to me and my Family means spending quality time together and enjoying each others company and memories.

  2. I remember Christmas a a child and sitting in the loving room smiling and loving just being there with everyone. That rarely happens now, and I miss that feeling. I love visiting neighbors at Christmas and taking them some cookies and just cheering them up.

  3. So true about the memories and not the stuff. I can’t remember but only a few things I had from Christmas as a kid-it helped because there was a photo…lol.

  4. I believe the spirit of giving should be year round and that is what I also teach my children. I love the holidays because we are able to see more people truly in the giving spirit.

  5. They mean being with family and being cheerful. but this year was the worst i have felt and seen. It’s like there was no holiday at all, didn’t feel it. I hope next year everyone is more joyous


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