What Happens To Your Florida Prepaid College Plan If You Get A Scholarship?

Congratulations! Your child got a scholarship! But what happens to that Florida Prepaid College Plan you started years ago? Find out how you can still utilize those funds. Don’t forget to use the Florida Prepaid Promo code Saving1718 to save on the application fee. This post is sponsored by the Florida Prepaid College Board, through my role as a Believer Blogger. All thoughts are my own.

What Happens To Your Florida Prepaid College Plan If You Get A Scholarship? - Having Fun Saving & Cooking

What Happens To Your Florida Prepaid College Plan If You Get A Scholarship?

It’s every parents dream for their child to get a scholarship to their favorite school. Whether it be an academic scholarship, a sports scholarship or both, there is an amazing sense of pride when your child gets what they have worked so hard for.

But, what if you planned ahead for college and got a Florida Prepaid College Plan? I have Florida Prepaid College Plans for both my kids, and I am still hoping that they get scholarships. Prepaid Plans actually work great alongside scholarships, we can use them together to cover even more college expenses. Expenses that maybe you didn’t include in your Florida Prepaid College Plan. Plus, the value of Prepaid Plan benefits can also be applied to graduate or professional schools nationwide.

What if the scholarship covers everything your child needs at college? What if there aren’t any additional expenses you want to be covered?

If your student receives a scholarship, you also have the option to get a refund for the same amount as the plan would pay a public college or university in Florida based on your plan type.

Do you lose your money in your Florida Prepaid College Plan if your child gets a scholarship?

No, you have the option for a refund. And remember, every Florida Prepaid Plan is guaranteed by the State of Florida, so you can never lose what you’ve paid in.

Here are some additional questions I had when I researched Florida Prepaid College Plans:

Still have questions?

I have been customer of Florida Prepaid College Plans for over 10 years, please feel free to reach out to me. Both of my kids have Florida Prepaid College Plans and it was one of the best decisions my husband and I ever made. You can also call their amazing customer service team at 1-800-552-4723.  You can also watch this FREE webinar with real life experiences from fellow Florida Prepaid College Plan customers.

Ready to get started on saving for your child’s future?

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Open enrollment ends February 28th, so don’t wait to get started on saving for tomorrow.

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